"This isn't your run of the mill independent film."

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The monster at the heart of this town has been trapped for centuries.

But now it has been re-awakened.
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a world's first

The first micro-budget motion capture feature.

From the studio who brought motion capture to Strictly Come Dancing.

This film expertly uses the technology usually reserved for blockbuster characters like Thanos and Gollum to create our own vicious monster.

We're here to show what can be done with a little bit of money and a lot of creativity. Don't worry though, this monster won't be throwing down any moves.

This town is full of stories...

...they are tales that hint at its stormy, magical past.

And when a long dormant monster is freed after centuries trapped in a hidden cavern, Anghenfil once again finds itself at the mercy of a raging, ferocious enemy.

Featuring epic battles, hidden secrets and a monster that will wreak havoc on our unsuspecting world.

“People’s imaginations are the only limit to what they can put to film.”

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